Nov 19, 2016
Graphite_Rav3n (All reviews)
I love accel world, and I gotta say this was awful. The recap imo was completely wasted on the fact that the story doesn't even start where the recap leaves off but rather several volumes past the anime. It would have been better if they gave a two minute recap of the anime and fill in the blanks between the anime and movie with the rest of the 35 minute recap. Otherwise how are people expected to know how Sky Rakker got her legs back or who Ardor Maiden is? Or they could have just made the whole Hermes Cord volume into a movie which would have been much smoother from start to finish. Terrible subbing aside I feel the story for the second half of the movie felt rushed and half assed (gee I wonder why...). I felt like there was no real threat going on at all and it's all based on the fact that the gymnast girl (didn't catch her name, not worth going back) used unlimited burst instead of physical burst (an ability all level 4 bust linkers have. It increases conscious thought by 10 fold in real time in your real body). Using physical burst she could have landed properly, avoided injury and possibly get a do over due to faulty equipment.

Accel World is my favorite anime/light novel series and seeing how poor this whole movie project turned out I fear it ruined any chance at a second season. I am truly disappointed.