Nov 19, 2016
moondragon84 (All reviews)
Dear lord, every time light novel is mentioned as a source for an anime i get a bad feeling about it and its for a reason. The latest in the trent of "read the light novel first" is here, Accel World: Infinite Burst. I wont be talking about characters and basics here since i figure you should know the stuff by now so i get straight to the point.

Accel World and the gap:

Accel World season 1 that aired back in 2012 covered the first 4 volumes of the LN material that began with "retun of the black king" and ended with "Dusktaker arc". After that the series ended and the LN continues, from volume 5 to vol 20. After that volume it is here that Infinite Burst takes place, thats right, for the entire 16 volumes of content is lost, everything from new characters to new alliances and game mechanics is also lost. The "only anime viewers" wont have a chance in hell to understand what is going on. The main lead Haruyuki is much stronger and has new abilities but the movie does not care what so ever to explain any of it. You get the picture by this point.

40 minute recap:

I have seen a lot of anime but never things like this, the entire movie is around 120 minutes and 40 of those minutes are spent upon recap from season 1. It does a very bad job of it, it does not explain everything, the first 12 episodes are covered but not the second half where the incarnate system is explained, are you for real?. This is lazy, why would anyone watch this movie unless they are new to the franchise is beyond me.

A side story:

This entire movie is pointless to the overall plot of the series, it deals with a new burst linker that is not explained well at all, in fact she is shown only for a couple of minutes and then its all forgotten untill the last 15 minutes of the movie. This entire movie does not add anything except for confusion and hatred for Reki and what he has done to this movie. To be frank, why does this even exist is something that i cannot explain either.

Light novel and Reki Kawahara:

AW:IB is everything that is wrong with LN and anime combined, Reki has an great idea for the overall plot but fails to carry it out. The original goal was to defeat the six kings of pure color and reach lvl 10 but at this point, who cares?

When you watch this movie, you will see that all of the kings from season 1 and after 15 volumes of LN are still allive, so what has happened during that time? the answer, nothing. Reki introduces new characters constantly but without doing anything with them. I read the LNs until volume 12 and then i lost interest. It is clear that Reki simply writes for the sake of writing instead of having a plot. He is simply doing this in order to sell a LN and if the cover is sexy with all the girls from the show it will sell but the overall goal is lost.


The only redeeming quality of this show is the music and visual presentation but this is sunrise so its not a big suprise.

Accel World: IB is simply a waste, LN readers may enjoy it but the anime only viewers wont and after this retarded movie, i simply dont care about their goal anymore. I allways said that i considered AW a better show than SAO but that does not say much. Everything that is wrong with LN and anime transitions is here, new characters that is not explained at all, new powers, plot devices that is not explained at all.

Reki Kawahara cant write even if his life depends upon it.