Nov 15, 2016
ScatCat (All reviews)
This starts off as an interesting vampire series, but winds up falling flat. Conflict between vampires and church isn't new, but this manga takes everything as given and never develops the theme DESPITE Vampire vs. Church being the main source of conflict. The manga abruptly switches to Man vs. Vampire for the final arc's conflict, but again nothing is explained, resolved, or changed.

The world, which is genuinely interesting, isn't explored at all beyond two small locales. Characters randomly appear and disappear with neither rhyme nor reason. The MCs past is explored only in flashbacks and lots of exposition. The vampiric female lead's motivations are never voiced. The final "resolution" is a total cop out and in the end I'm not sure what the heck happened.

Some ancillary characters are hard to tell apart, but on the whole people are well drawn. Backgrounds are sketchy, but are good enough to show what goes on on where.

Ecchi content is solely of the "stumble over nothing and fall in someone's crotch/breasts" variety. It adds nothing to the story and only looks out of place.

I'd revisit this series if it were rebooted with better storytelling, but don't particularly want to see a continuation. I think this was originally meant as a longer series, but between sloppy storytelling, both unintentional and enforced by no-doubt impending cancellation, and all the loose ends I can't call this anything but bad.