Nov 15, 2016
anemonespotte (All reviews)
*SPOILER* (the only way to review this anime is talking about the end)

Such a good start and such a bad ending with ridicolous plot twist for fandom, ciel and sebastian trying to be as badass as incoherent. They created such good characters and interesting villain. Just to let you know the incoherence of the final plot twist, in the ep8 ciel will save one the stolen boys and then in the ep12 he will tell sebastian they where sacrificable cause they lost their mind. THEN WHY SAVE THE FIRST GUY.
Im not contesting the violence, im contesting the reason of this violence. Ciel went so far that actually disobeyed queen orders which is not credible. (what's the reason?? he was too weak? pff)
Sebastian ,the same demon that left ciel in the first season cause of the incoherence and weakness, in the final plot-twist had a slack-jawed look .......
Overall a good anime start ruined by the ending trying to be alternative (and failing)
Imho this ending has the same problem of Kuroshitsuji season 2, its written by fandom for fandom

RECAP: Ciel will justify what he has done with the best excuse ever "im a human"
Wow...this...script... =..=