Nov 14, 2016
_Pingu_ (All reviews)
---------------Quick review :
Once Again is a short Josei Manhua of one volume long. The story is well-writen and really interesting end.
If you are a little curious about it, just do not hesitate in reading it, since it is only 1 volume long, you will not spend so much time in it.

---------------Full review :
Story : 9

The story is really efficient in terms of feeling. Since the story is quite short, you enter into the story really quickly and the makes the story really condensed in terms of feelings.
It is well-writen and even if i first thought that the main character was quite weird ( Just my opinion haha).

Art : 6

On this point , i am not really objective, I am just not fond of the style of the artist but it is not what we can call bad drawings. If you enjoy this style you will enjoy more the story.

Character : 8

Characters are quite well writen, even if the whole story is based on Yuan Ge.
At first i thought he was quite weird, but after thinking about it, it also permites to give a little critic of society, about the difficulties of having both professional and public life.

Enjoyment 9 :

I really spend a good time reading Once Again, to the point that i would wanted to have maybe the story in 2 volumes instead of 1, for having more time for development, but it's not really important.