Nov 11, 2016
JThePervSummoner (All reviews)
For starters, I'd like to say that I'm not really a fan of sports anime, but I feel like this one can be appreciated even by the ones who aren't in the genre at all.

So, before I start talking about the anime itself, I would like to point out that Yuri on Ice is suuuuuper gay... To the point that is easy to understand why many nickname it "Yaoi on Ice". I however decided to ignore this factor of the show ( which I'm positive Yaoi fangirls will love ) and focus on pretty much anything else that it is about. Being a man that loves Yuri ( I'm talking about girl-on-girl romance/action, not the main character of this anime ), I can't show bias and let it influence my judgment.

So, as for the plot not really being the most original ever, Yuri on Ice has a very good narrative and overall pace, without too many interruptions or filler-like moments, although I can detect a couple of ones that lean towards fanservice. However, the development and deliver of such plot is very well done and doesn't make the viewer questioning it at all.

The animation, despite not being always as detailed as I wish it would be, remains fluid and clean, with enough frames and speed that it will make it look almost on movie level of quality. About the animation, it's noticable how it switches from a very cured style to an extremely chibi and Slice of Life-like one, very often in comedy moments, but also in more serious ones. It feels put in place well, and despite it may appear lazy, I like its use.

The strongest point that this anime has, is in my opinion, the music. From the opening to the ending, to the themes and songs accompanying the fabulous executions of the skaters, I found the music absolutely amazing, which is also a key factor in some performances.

I also like how a realistic approach is used in this anime, without any special powers or eternal slow-motion moments with thousands of words of thought, it's simple and straightforward, yet it doesn't make it any less impactful.

There is a nice variety of characters, which have their own ways and motives to push them in what they do. We often hear their thoughts and experience their personalities that sometimes feel even deeper than the main character himself.

Overall, I think that Yuri on Ice nailed perfectly its objective as a sport anime, and I honestly found it enjoyable thus far. It's admirable, since this year and for the next, there are a certain number of anime that are also very good, with this one sharing some space in the spotlight.