Nov 9, 2016
Faryshta (All reviews)
The character designs were exquisite, the girls were bombastic and had very sexy bodies, they usually wore very minimalistic and simply lingerie which made her look even more attractive, there was a lot of talent on those designs... which makes me wonder where did that talent go?

The story is the blandest you can imagine it can be resumed in 5 words "guy gets paid to fuck". And the execution was even worst because the guy didn't even knew how to fuck. The entire hentai it never shows any intimacy, emotion or even lust. just "go on the bed and take my cock" literally, no kissing, no foreplay, no talking except for porn dialogue like "your cock was too big and yet it went in" which was an actual quote.

it were 2 ovas of 'in-out' with nothing more to show. The main character sounded bored all times and the poor voice actress grew tired of repeating the same lines for 40 minutes and that was easily noticeable from the lousy moanings. I seriously hope this doesn't discourage them from keeping this career.

The animation was very poor, after all the only thing to be animated was bouncing tits. No body reactions, no kiss, no sensual gropping or even facial expressions shown. I think there was not even a single blowjob.

The only reason I gave it a 2 is because of the character designs and lingerie, otherwise this is the most boring hentai I have ever seen.