Nov 8, 2016
nanakox21 (All reviews)
STORY: They are Bandmates and best friends (Basically it's like a bond of a brotherhood). They are also the protectors of the earth! The Henshi & weapons reminds me of the Power Rangers. It is mysterious, intense, and contains a lot of THE FEELS! Plus, there is a lot of storylines involving Akira.

• Akira - The team's commander. Young teenager, but very mature for her age. Intelligent.
• Takuto - singer, writer, guitarist.
• Yousuke - I ♥ Yousuke & Akira. Guitarist.
• Hiro - Youngest member. Loves reading. Introvert. Drummer.
• Kazuki - Weirdo - very flamboyant, unpredictable, passionate for music, gets the job done. Pianist/keyboard.
• Yuuji - Bassist. Oldest member. Positive & generous.

OVERALL: Theme song is pretty cool. It is sung by the main characters on the show! As I stated previously, there is a lot of action, interesting story lines, however; it is kind of complex. Each Rider has 2 different eye colors on each eye. & this anime also has its own video game that is available in Japan on Playstation 2.