Nov 6, 2016
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
Overall a 7

Seen via English dub

Have you every seen something that made you do a double take? this anime is a prime example of this. I would like to say after the first episode it gets better but that is not quite true. Having seen the entire show i can understand what they were doing. Could they have done better in illustrating that fact? hell yes. For example the chief of police his skin color. No, i am not a racist. Going by memory his was different then the following episodes because someone thought it was better another way. Yes, we all understand that changes happen but rather than waste an episode explaining it (potentiality confusing the viewer) have a little fun with it. Let's use the same example. Skin color. I make a cartoon and i was told it could air if a character had a certain skin color instead of the current one. Depending on the shows plot and genre it could go in countless ways. A comedy... "the one time i try sun tanning and it becomes permanent." Rather than telling your viewers with your animated characters the chief was this now he is that and leaving it at that.

Aside from the semi confusing art the story was decent and relate-able. Who doesn't have energetic coworker or friend? Mix that with trying to your job and dealing with that.

The voice castings per character were good. They matched the age and personality.