Nov 5, 2016
animeAliana (All reviews)
A short review for the people that are too lazy to read:

Story: 10
The story starts with a mysterious girl aka MC, enrolling a private school for rich kids (no I mean really, really rich kids,seriously). What's so special about the school is that gambling is everything in this school. Your social rank, status, and everything will be lost if you are bad at gambling or if you run out of money, and vice versa, if you have loads of money on your hands and you're good at gambling, you can have it all.
OP MC enrolls into the school and basically kicks ass at the people who underestimate her, which gains a lot of attention, making her a target on the student council black list. Thus begins the story of MC vs. the mighty student council.

Art: 10
Brilliant. Just brilliant. The art style captures the character's nature perfectly.

Character: 9
All of the characters are pretty unique and different, so I think it's quite fresh. It's definitely interesting watching the characters as their layers of personality crumble.

Enjoyment: 10
Proud to say I stayed up all night reading it. Made me cling to the manga like a sloth to a tree.

Overall: 10
10/10 would recommend/brainwash/hypnotize someone into reading it. Please do so for your inner otaku.