Nov 2, 2016
GodBlessDXD (All reviews)
BGHK has the Rosario+Vampire cute appeal!!!
Long reviews waste your time, so here's a short sweet paragraph.

Comedy, ecchi, and romance are the spotlight genres here. BGHK's story slays these dragons with ease. The story pours mountains of comedy onto you in the form of dirty dialogue and embarrassing situations. Ecchi is always supported of course by our female lead trying to burn her v-card realizing she has no idea what she's doing; and the romance that develops will exceed your expectations. The characters are adorable and shy without becoming annoying like these characteristics tend to become. The male MC was pretty dull but the rest of the characters make up for it well. Yamada is so nuts it's beautiful! There's no problem with the artistic vision of this anime. The coolest thing about each episode is it felt like you were watching 2 every time. You'll see what I mean. The soundtrack is adorable and the intro is soooooo catchy. I loved it. Bottom line is, if you're looking for something cute and funny to watch that is similar to Rosario+Vampire then this is for you. Enjoy!

-Correct amount of fanservice. Not too much and not too little.
-Cute and adorable story.
-Positive vibes.
-Extremely funny!
-Catchy soundtrack/intro.

-Not quite the ending you want.