Oct 30, 2016
Fresh_Mint (All reviews)
This week on sports I never thought I'd be watching: Cheer Danshi! an anime about something I didn't even fully digest was a sport until now. Now onto the review.

The story is rather simple. Kazu forms an all male cheer leading group. Why all male? Because it's a new and refreshing idea in the cheer leading world, or so I'm told. It actually slipped my mind how forgettable that reason was and I ended up watching the recap just to remember. And assuming it is a convincing enough reason to get their first few members, it is where a good portion of the minor conflict of the show comes from with people belittling them and telling them it's too ambitious. But the main story isn't about proving those people wrong- it's about cheering for someone with all your might!

...That hurt my dark, crippled heart to type.

What the hell is this corny show. Well, what else would you expect from a cheer leading show? It focuses mainly on character progression and development, which I'll admit, was not half bad but I was expecting more of the sport instead of a drama. My eyes might be going bad from staring at 2D boys all day but I am pretty darn sure there isn't a Drama tag here. And that, is something I find odd. If you're here to actually see some cheer leading you might want to go elsewhere because we barely see any of it. I mean it. The show leads up to a lot of scenes where you think you'll see a performance but it's either- A, they animate the first 5 seconds and explain the rest with words without showing the actual performance or B, would you look at that it's the exact same scenes they used for the OP. Truly disappointing.

On a brighter note, the characters themselves were put together quite well. Each had their own little ambitions they needed to reach whether they realized it themselves or not. It was typical sports mentality but done well. I enjoyed the last episode especially for its surprisingly good way of rounding everyone's situations up in a unique way. Each were fun to watch in their own way, some weren't as emphasized as the others but can you really blame them with this huge cast and a limit of 12 episodes? Heck, I'm surprised it even settled the drama between the main 3 guys. The characters weren't amazing enough for me to get attached to them but for what the show had, it made good use of for their characters and I appreciate that.

Ultimately, I came into this show expecting some hardcore focus on cheer leading but ended up with a relative okay drama. That's a huge leap to make and it didn't settle well with me but Cheer Danshi! had a steady group of characters and a cute little message it tries to tell despite the unclear story.