Oct 29, 2016
catcupcakes (All reviews)
I never thought I'd like this show as much as I did…at first it seems really mediocre but as it goes on, it's a very comedic and beautiful anime. It's a bit of a fujo-bait series for a shounen (coming from a fujoshi herself), but it doesn't stop you from enjoying it.

There's no real plot, instead there's just that episode to episode flow (mostly) and it gives a laid-back sort of slice-of-life feeling. Perfect for watching when you're bored or feeling melancholy, it picks you up a little. They way the human-yokai relationship thing is explained through the trials also gives it a nice feeling.

The art and the music are gorgeous and near perfectly suit the traditional Japanese theme. The art is very clear and colorful while the music is easy on the ears and nicely done. The theme songs- at first I thought "eh, standard" when I first heard them but they grew on me eventually =v= The vocalist from the op has a very (very) nice voice and although I don't like cv songs so much, the ed between the main cv's is actually pretty good –u–)/
The characters aren't out of the ordinary or anything but they're quite enjoyable.

I really enjoyed this show! It made me want a second season, but also with the way it ended it felt like "mission complete", or that it's fine the way it is. Some things are left unattended to but not everything needs to be known, right?

~~review no.4 ☆