Oct 28, 2016
LIQfilms (All reviews)
With the abundance of short four minute episode anime becoming increasingly more common every anime season, Saiki-kun felt like a breath of fresh air from the same boring and tiring formula that has been used ever so frequently.

One thing that works in favour of the show above others of the same format is that Saiki-kun lasted for many more episodes while also airing a new episode everyday. My main problem with these types of shows is the weekly formula as they're airing; once the episode stops and the next one begins the following week its hard to keep track of what has happened and the show feels like it is going nowhere. Sure, this problem is eliminated after the show has finished airing but the lack of episodes also means a lack of characterisation and story progression which, fortunately, Saiki-kun does not lack.

Saiki-kun tells the story of a teenager who has physic powers but ends up living a life in which these powers are more of an annoyance then a gift. The show follows his life and how he uses these various powers for different situations; very basic stuff for a basic type of show. But the main strength of this show lies in its comedy and its characterisation. Each character has an interesting gimmick and quirky personality which all bounce off each other rather effectively throughout the show as they find themselves in various scenarios and situations. Most characters have more depth and personality traits to them then just what is on the surface which invokes a lingering sense of anticipation as each character will act in a different way based on the situation at hand keeping the comedy fresh and interesting.

There is also a variety in jokes keeping the comedy from becoming too stale or repetitive and the four minute formula only helps with this. There are also many references in the show to other manga and anime, which if you're like me, then you'll enjoy since I like referential comedy. What's good about this show is that it doesn't rely solely on references (which can become tiresome after a while) as most of the comedy is derivative of the interaction between the characters. In terms of an over-arching story there is really none aside from a few mini-arcs which sees one particular scenario play across a multitude of episodes. The animation and art style were not always the best and could at times look plain ugly and strange but it was nothing bad enough to take any pleasure away from the overall experience.

In conclusion, Saiki-kun was a refreshing four minute show that actually has substance with fun characters and great comedy. I would recommend it.