Oct 28, 2016
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overall a 1

yes, i have not seen The Little Match Girl that is based after but from watching this i don't know what the point was nor what had just unfolded. A good story has a show and a tell. the only tell i got from this i am never going hunting. Aside from that nothing. Not that this told the dangers of hunting just portrayed it in a way that did not sit well with me.


if i had to say what the message was... bare in mind the flick was confusing. That life is not always kind. There will always be your odd balls(freaks). Cast them away you might but they might just not die. If they don't die and they get their love what will become of them? what if they find another just as harmed to love with they not rebel? I suppose this made a slight bit of sense to me since i had just watched Frankenstein just before watching this. The main differences between the two is the genre approach and frankenstein was an intentional creation.

i understood the fire(match girl) as a way of telling a story but what the smaller town folks? were they symbols of lesser dwellings?

i can riddle back and forth on the movie. So, yes the movie was good at making me think but i did not like it.