Oct 28, 2016
GodBlessDXD (All reviews)
If I watch 6 episodes and I'm still bored, they're not doing it right.
Long reviews waste your time, so here's a short sweet paragraph.

I'm sorry guys. Time is valuable and if I feel miserable watching an anime this slow so I have to move on. I gave Magi 6 episodes and it wasn't terrible. It just wasn't interesting or inspiring. The storyline seemed fair but it was just too slow for me. The action is so scarce and every episode felt more like some friendship lesson. It had too much of a PG vibe and instead of delivering divine punishment to these worthless spoiled slavers that pop up, their punishment was soft. That quickly degraded the atmosphere of this story for me. Maybe it gets way better, but 6 episodes is taking too long. The art is also fair. There isn't a lot of detail or any unique sort of style. It's very basic and unimpressive. There are many anime that obliterate this one in terms of art design. The soundtrack was also boring. The music wasn't bad but it isn't great either. Nothing special to hum to or get inspired by. What pulled the soundtrack score up for me though was that it at least matched its eastern atmosphere. The characters also had a very basic feel. They were too quiet and lacked defining personalities. The only character who stood out to me was Aladdin because his innocent attitude felt pure and just. All in all, Magi is just too slow to search for its jewels. It's better to watch an anime that does its job the entire time.

-Unique story and atmosphere.

-Uninspirational soundtrack.
-Mediocre art design.
-Extremely slow/boring story progression.
-A bit too "Disney"/PG feeling.
-A lack of justice delivered to villains.