Feb 16, 2010
Brainless906 (All reviews)
I dont generally do reviews but nows as good of a time as any to start, that being said this is my first review and you may find it a little odd in comparison to most however i'll just keep doing them in my own 'brainless' way.

Story: The story, which i'm not going to any detail about, is border-line amazing though it doesn't seem very "whole". I say amazing because I've never really seen anything quite like it, that is to say it is quite unique and quite creative. However it does seem to have a lot of holes, much seems to go unexplained. Because of the very short four episode life span of this anime the story does proceed along at a very fast rate, this may explain my feeling of the story not being very "whole"

Art: The art was one of my favorite parts about this anime, everything is very nicely put together and anything non-human was quite creatively put together. The only thing that bugged me quite a bit was the use of quite a bit of CGI (which i cannot stand in my anime). Aside from the CGI (if your into that kinda thing, isn't even a problem) the over-all "art" of this anime is great.

Sound: Music track is win, Voice's are win, Sound Effects are win, over-all the "sound" section is win. That is to say there are no voice's i hated and only one that bugged me. (shark-boy's voice bugged me a little)

Characters: This is a section this anime really suffers in, and over all the sections it gets my lowest score. I say this because the character development in this story is damn near non existent. We can blame this on the whole "I'm a very short anime i have to get right to the point thing" but even for an anime of this length the lack of character development is horrible. New characters are not introduced, they merely start existing when the plot seems to need them, half of which don't even seem to have names. By the end i had trouble even remembering who the two main characters of the story where. despite these aspects of terrible "character-isms" the main characters are very like-able, even if you don't fully remember their names....

Overall this is an enjoyable little anime, generally i skip any anime with more then 2 minutes of CGI (grawr i hate that stuff) but for some reason this anime just really kept my attention. don't go into expecting any character development or any of that but its a nice anime to just sit down and watch if your bored.

Verdict: Brainless Approves 8/10

This was very poorly written. brainless reviews his review as 2/10 - brainless 12/9/14