Oct 22, 2016
AobaSuzukaze (All reviews)
I wounder if some of you were fooled too. I thought this was going to a full length show when I put it on my to watch list, but that was my fault for not recognizing it was just an ona. I'm still glad I watched though. The story is simple (I can't add more than the summary without spoiling it) and many things aren't explained, but it was really enjoyable. Like every other time when you have military people, you have that one group of idiots, but the main two characters were actually pretty fun guys. The only other major thing I can say is that this has a really cool concept and it would be nice to see it in a full length show, but sadly, I doubt that'll happen. For me it was cool enough to get an 8/10. You're opinion will probably differ depending on what you expect to see.