Oct 22, 2016
GodBlessDXD (All reviews)
Angel Beats! Barely missed 7/10.
Long reviews waste your time, so here's one paragraph.

Warning! If you want to watch this because you like feels there are no real feels here. There are some desperate stories to try to pull this out but they are too rushed and ineffective. There is a bit of feels at the end, but that's about it. On a positive note, this anime is hilarious. There are some legitimate moments to make you burst out laughing. Laughter was the best thing I got from this one. The story is very unique but also very spontaneous and disconnected at the same time. The story doesn't have that desperation vibe to hook you in. This is a rare anime that I didn't hate, but I also didn't like. All in all, it felt like I could be watching something much better.

-Good musical moments.
-Good ending.

-Overestimated feels.
-Uninspiring story.