Oct 20, 2016
nightshade19 (All reviews)
I can see why people might be wary of Kodomo no Jikan, but I would ask that you give it a chance. While at first it may just seem like a barely legal lolicon fanservice extravaganza, it isn't. The characters are actually incredibly interesting, and I genuinely feel like this is a good anime that is worth watching.

It's not even just the main girl (Kokonoe Rin), the other two girls, the teachers, her brother, all of them are interesting in themselves. In who they are, WHY they are how they are, how they interact with each other. There is also a fair share of humour in there too, so don't think it's all deep-thinking drama.

I would definitely recommend that you at least watch an episode or two before you judge it, you might realise why it really is a captivating series.