Oct 20, 2016
nightshade19 (All reviews)
First off, I get that maybe this anime just wasn't for me, I'm not really the target demographic. But I'll give my two cents anyways, because it's the internet and this is likely one of the worst anime I've ever sat through.

This anime is a typical harem in many regards, mildly attractive and oblivious protag-kun and multiple supernatural girls who are all romantic interests. One of the weirdest parts (and biggest plot holes) is that he actually dates all these girls... simultaneously... without any of them seeming to realise... despite living together?
I mean, I get that these particular girls are thick in more than just their chests, but I can't believe that they are THAT stupid. The relationships he has with them are also ludicrously shallow, and while I get that these girls are pretty much supposed to be one-dimensional characters it's still cringe worthy that all he has to do is say one or two choice lines and suddenly they're willing to die for him.

I will give it some good points though. I do like the idea of the real-life dating sim concept, I just think it was done really poorly. Also Kurumi is the only character there I actually like, possibly because she doesn't just swoon at the sight of the protagonist (plus her powers are pretty bad ass as well)

Yeah, overall would not recommend, but it got a season two, so I guess boobs sell - who'd have guessed?