Feb 13, 2010
Tumerking (All reviews)
Until Death Do Us Part = not crappy Shoujo. Who woulda thunk?

STORY: 5/10
Basically a middle school girl who can sort of predict the future "hires" a swordsman who can sort of see to protect her from bad guys. The guy who can sort of see's name is Mamoru. He's technically blind, but he has super speical high tech sun glasses which let him see the world in an extremely basic state. They react with the vibrations from his cane sword to send an image directly into his head. Also they let him dodge bullets...yea. This is one of "those" manga. There is also a lot of technilogical mumbo jumbo in this manga. Basically all the weapons and fighting are deeply technological from Mamoru's super special awesome molecule cutting sword, to assassin kill-bots. This is a sci-fi manga through and through. The actual plot is sort of...blah. A bad guy targets the school girl/ Mamoru himself, Mamoru beats him, etc, etc. Seen it a thousand times.

ART: 9/10
I actually like the art quite a bit. Every character has a unique (and cool) look and I haven't mixed up any of them yet. The backgrounds and scenery are all very well drawn, and there is almost a manwha feel to this manga. As in the females have nicely sized breasts, all the males are drawn maturely and all the lines are very clean. It's nice to look at, and can really get you into the story at times.

Well we have the school girl, Mamoru, and his white gangster friend who's a techno genius. Techno genius hasn't show too much personality as of chapter 45, mostly saying that he doesn't want anyone do die *yawn* he's pretty boring. Then the school girl is just a little girl, and her role is fairly small. Mamoru is the real main character in charge of all the fighting and "badassery". But I use that term very lightly. There is so much effort put into making Mamoru look like a badass its actually laughable at times. From his sunglasses, to his leather jacket, to his little phrases, it almost seems like he's a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger. If only for the joy I have making fun of Mamoru's over-badassery 'character' get a 6.

When I tried taking this manga seriously I ended up hating it. But when I just sat back and made fun of it quietly to myself I ended up having a pretty good time. If I was to grade "Until Death Do Us Part" seriously, how its intended to be read, then I would maybe give a 5. BUT, when I treat it as a parody I can sometimes get level 7 giggles. That's only sometimes though. Most of the time its barely entertaining enough to keep me moving on to the next chapter.

If I read this as a parody its not terrible, but its not a parody. It's a mediocre seinen with one dimensional characters that tries too hard. And for that, Until Death Do Us Part gets a 5.