Oct 19, 2016
saintmalo (All reviews)
I love stuff like this.

This is Toy Story but with telephone poles set in the calm before the technological storm that was mobile phones and the internet. It's a peaceful film reminiscent of a time past, ode to a love lost.

Not much can hold my attention anymore, but the atmosphere in Elemi no Koi pulled me in and kept me there. The sound effects were key in achieving this and they were done exceptionally well.
The music kept the tone of the film, and the ED planted my feet gently back on the ground after this sweet experience was over.

The character designs of the telephone poles themselves were whimsical and expressive, being able to translate a variety of traits and emotions with very little dialogue. I was impressed, given the large number of anime characters out there that fail to do this.

If you were a kid with a big imagination, have ever tried to be someone you're not or been in a long distance relationship.. well, Elemi no Koi may reveal itself to you to be the underrated gem that it is.