Oct 18, 2016
the_wyandotte (All reviews)
These OVAs are-for what they're trying to do-great. There certainly isn't anything groundbreaking, or anything that will keep you thinking about it days or weeks later, but it is solidly Fairy Tail. If you like the fan service in Fairy Tail, you will love these (especially the first, fourth, and last). If you like the humor in Fairy Tail, you will love these.

Basically, these are slightly longer filler episodes, with the second one an AU setting (they're all in high school, without any magic) and the third one a nifty little time-traveling adventure, which also managed to squeeze in a little character development.

The art and sound weren't anything memorable, but didn't distract by being terrible either. Very middle ground in my opinion. The story, being filler episodes, was a way to throw in jokes they probably couldn't fit into the main show.

TL;DR-If you like Fairy Tail, watch these. If you didn't, don't.