Oct 16, 2016
Airenee (All reviews)
This might be the first time i write a review but i take really serious in giving some comments about this movie.

Story : 6/10 || Enjoyment : 6/10
In my opinion, this movie is a nothing special romance movie compare to others. I don't dislike this movie but for me, this kind of movie is too mainstream school set romance plus it is a movie with a cliffhanger ending which i hate the most. Besides, the duration of this movie is too short and messed up the plot.

The good about the movie is the charms of the characters with cool auras. Not to forget this movie have a heartwarming and giving some advices about love-life for viewers.

To brief my review,
Art : 9/10
I really love the art which is giving pleasant to the eyes with good sceneries.

Sound : 8/10
The songs in this movie are all my favourites before this movie was made including the ost. In other word, it is a masterpiece.

Character : 9/10

This review is just on what i've been thought about this movie so i hope you like it. Sorry if it is not really a good review.