Oct 11, 2016
GodBlessDXD (All reviews)
So, I respect fanservice. Ikkitousen has a lot of fanservice. But oh my god, it is absolutely not worth it.

This season, and most of the series, is a nightmare. The art is about the only competent feature. The plot is also so poor. In the end, you find yourself wondering what the point of all their bullshit is, other than simply being compelled via destiny. That is not a plot you grow attached to. The characters are not diverse at all and their names are completely bland and hard to memorize. There are scenes where two characters refer to the same person, by completely different names within the same 10 seconds. This absolutely boiled my blood. This mixture of characters that are difficult to distinguish and a uninspiring plot crushes the story and leaves you caring for nothing. I'm sorry, but do not waste your time here. Actually, if you want a decent Ikkitousen experience, watch season 3 instead.