Oct 7, 2016
PixlReality (All reviews)

I came into this anime with zero expectations and got an average story with some well thought out characters, and some minor confusion..

The story leads a guy called Arata who was presumably living a pretty normal life with his "sister" Hijiri, when out of nowhere a "Breakdown Phenomena" took place, taking Hijiri away from Arata, into another dimension, and leaving Arata to presumably make a whole new world for himself. He then gets transported, by lilith, who came to save him from his own demise, to a school of magic, where you have underclass mages, and higher class mages. The story goes on as Arata gains his Harem and ultimately saves the world, again, as we find out later that this whole story is pretty much the Matrix....Overall the story itself is pretty much a lake that's one mile long, but one foot deep, it has enough to satisfy you, but that's about it.

Art is pretty basic, as you have your standard anime style of art, and the graphics/effects are also quite basic. Not much to say other than good job for the most part.

If you follow me and read my other reviews, i watch, mainly, dubbed anime, so for this one, the dub is actually quite good, and the OP.....oh god, this OP is probably one of the most addictive OP's I've ever heard, i can't ever get the rhythm out of my head for the life of me, but it's still a good OP nonetheless.

Characters are definitely this anime's strong point. Every character has their own vibe, and i love it when you have such a variety of characters and personalities. They're all thought out well and i would watch this show because of the characters.

So this show was good for the most part. But it definitely lacks in the story department. I could possibly see a S2 for this one, but don't expect it to be any better than this. Overall, this show was mildly confusing, as i didn't get how Arata was so chill about the fact that the world randomly ended and how the sun was freaking black, oh and how he just randomly gets magic abilities. But aside from all of this shows gripes, it's still a pretty decent one.