Oct 6, 2016
thecozykitsune (All reviews)
I'm always a sucker for a sweet, innocent, slice of life romance; and this, my friends, really hit the spot.

There are many many slice of life romance anime out there, but not all of them tend to go very well in my opinion.
A lot of the time i end up very frustrated while watching because of misunderstandings or lack of chemistry or something along those lines. That wasn't the case for this movie though.

The characters were all extremely likable, there actually wasn't a single character i was annoyed by (which rarely happens).
The art was lovely, which is something i'm very picky with.
And the music was really enjoyable! I tend not to like/care about the music in anime, if a song catches my attention its pretty rare, but i really loved the music in this to the point where i actually searched it up on youtube afterwards.

Anyways, if you are looking for a sweet, fluffy, carefree anime to watch and squeal to then I definitely recommend this one.