Oct 5, 2016
Bananya (Anime) add (All reviews)
AzulInstrument (All reviews)
MY GOD. This Anime's story is absolutely outstanding. From the very first episode it hooks you in on wonder. Wondering, what is this peculiar Banana-Cat's world like? Later on, as we learn more of these banana-cats exist, our veil of limitation is lifted, because Bananya eventually explores later on, and we learn the lore that this world adds to the story.

In the final episode (aka the best final episode ever written of anything), bananya and his friends help the greedy humans and open their hearts by making a cake for them. In return, the humans help bananya achieve his dream of being a chocolate-covered banana.

Some might say the art is garbage (Nobody is happy with anything), some, simplistic. I think is very aesthetic and adorable no matter how you want to rate it. Character design: absolutely gorgeous. Backgrounds: They deserve to be on display in a museum.

I feel like Chopin was revived from the dead to write this series score because, dang. Thats lit.

Bananya is an example of an anime with good character writing. Take a moment to think of an anime with good characters, then toss it out the window because it automatically fails in comparison to Bananya. Bananya is the name we address our mc with, and he dreams of being a chocolate covered banana. He explores this world and his heart is open to the moral that everyone deserves automatic respect, and that he is not alone.

Bananya eventually learns that his so called 'best friend', Calico Bananya, is only acting like his friend to see Bananyako. Bananya's heart is broken like this, and has to rebuild himself and everything he's ever thought about others. This is why Bananya is such a good character.

I very much enjoyed this series. I absolutely enjoyed this series. Please, just watch it. Its adorable and the lore runs deep.

Best anime ever. Please watch it when you get the chance.