Oct 4, 2016
MrBouBou (All reviews)
"who is she going to confess her love to?", "who is she in love with?" ,"everyone in love", "I know she is in love with someone" they keep thinking like that they start hurting each other with words they don't mean it.

The movie is your typical sweet RomCom, which talks about a group of friends being secretly in love with each other and we can't forget the love triangle. The story wasn't any new but to me, every single one has its own charm just like this movie which has its unique way of getting them to struggle until they find their way to master their courage to confess!!

The art was pretty nice as they show us cute smiles, sad expressions, and tears of joy, jealousy, and happiness!!.As for the sound, it was good!!!

To summarize:
-Story: 8/10
-Art: 9/10 (a wonderful animation)
-Sound: 10/10 ( The sound was a great impact to the story)
-Character: 8/10 ( every character has her own charm)
-Enjoyment: 10/10
-Overall: 9/10 (it was a great movie!! I really enjoyed it!)