Oct 4, 2016
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Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
Main thought: I am glad it was on only 9 minutes long. That sucked!
Overall a 1

I will be fair i did give it some slightly higher rankings.

the art work/animation was that of a rookie.

The storyline: it did make sense i think. Without any words i can only assume. I think it was a take on how modern society in this case in a futuristic point has devastated society. The demand for change if not revenge built to a breaking point. However, this is just a thought. I do think this is a common problem in real life but the audio ruined it and any high chance for anything but a 1.

audio: maybe it was just my copy but i guess they were going for a techno/futuristic beat with no vocals. What they did was something far worse. Imagine tons of echos, unnecessary tempo chances... a bid mess. Given how it was a music and not any classification is why it got just a 1 from me.

I will not revisit this. Hell... you would have to pay me to watch it again. I am talking a good 20 bucks to be fair.