Oct 4, 2016
Ectisity (All reviews)
If you've read a lot of romance manga you probably won't consider the story as very original. The entire movie is about different characters trying to build up the courage to confess their love. However, I do not believe that there are many animated stories of this kind which makes it unique in it's own sense. Sure, it doesn't have any super original plot point or anything that makes it very unique, but the story is well executed for what it is and if you're into more pure love stories, I believe you'll like the story in this one.

I rarely care about the art in anime to be honest. The art is good and of normal 2016-standard.

Some fantastic songs that set the mood very well. Really was a big part of the movie for me.

The characters themselves are nothing out of the ordinary, but what is special is the relationships between the character. Natsuki and Yuu are your typical childhood friend love cliche, Akarin and Mochizuki have never really talked with eachother properly, and Haruki and Miou are pretty much dating, but they haven't realized it yet. It was interesting to see all these different types of relationships in one movie.

Through most of the movie I was screaming at the characters to just get together already, but I must say that I really found the story and characters refreshing in a time where ecchi, magical girls and tragedy rules the romance anime industry.

I feel like a lot of loose ends will meet in the sequel which will be released in december, but until then I'll give this movie an 8 overall score. It's really worthwhile if you like pure high-school romance animes, and especially if you like series like Ao Haru Ride. Don't expect someting AMAZING and I'll think you'll enjoy this movie.