Oct 3, 2016
KarsaOrlong (All reviews)
It is, unfortunately, almost impossible to write this review without mentioning One Punch Man. I wish that it were, but you are going to see parallels and compare them when you watch this show. This isn't a bad thing, ONE is an incredibly talented mangaka and his work deserves praise. Where One Punch Man was a parody of manga and anime tropes, Mob Psycho 100 seems to be the more serious work. I might be wrong because I am not familiar with the Mob manga.

What I love and pity ONE for is that I recognise a theme in his work; loneliness. Saitama and Mob are both extremely powerful characters who are lonely because they do not know how to interact with the world around them. Whereas Saitama doesn't really seem to care, Mob does. Mob, also known as Shigeo, is one of the most powerful psychics in the show and possibly the world. Despite his brilliance, he just wants to be a normal kid. He wants friends and the girl he has a crush on to notice him. I enjoyed that we never get any interaction between him and his crush; in her world he simply does not exist. Many of us have been there and I thought that it was a good way to portray Mob's feelings of isolation.

The rest of the main characters are also quite good. Reigen Arataka was of particular noteworthiness. A conman who has a genuine interest in Mob's happiness, he provides a young Mob - and by extension, the viewer - with a shocking amount of wisdom and encouragement. Reigen has a strict moral code, which is amusing because his job is screwing people out of money. Ultimately he...helps everyone. Even those clients that are deluded and think their real life issues are due to malignant spirits, Reigen is there to help (of course he makes a profit).

Ekubo, or Dimple, is one of these malignant spirits who was once powerful but had the misfortune of upsetting Mob. Greatly weakened after their fight, he seems to exist as a morally grey character who aids Mob but also assists Mob's brother, Ritsu, going down a darker path of his own. Ritsu was also a really good character. Constantly feeling inferior to his brother due to psychic abilities, he experiments and eventually awakens his own abilities. His inferiority complex led him to excel in areas that Mob is below average in, such as school and extracurricular activities.

And that's pretty much the main cast. Teru is worthy of a mention as well. A reformed gangster who tries to be a good guy after he realised what destruction true ESP power could bring. This show excels in it's interwoven story lines. While not complex, everything follows a logical progression which makes everything seem connected. Heroes and villains are introduced properly and in memorable ways, before they have a huge impact on the story. I prefer this to randomly throwing people into the mix and seeing what happens. Having a unique looking character in the back of your mind for a few episodes and wondering what they are going to do is very enjoyable.

The OP and ED were very good. Excellent opening song and downright amazing ending artwork. If you haven't seen the artwork for the ED, check it out on YouTube before watching.

I gave this a 10/10 because other than the story being a little predictable, there isn't much wrong with it. It is a good piece about being unable to relate with the world around you.