Oct 2, 2016
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Nami is probably the most disgusting, dreadful piece of media I've ever consumed. I'm really only giving an 1/10 to this piece of shit because MAL doesn't allow 0/10 ratings. But don't be fooled, this is for sure a 0/10 review (for more detail, 0.5/10).

- Story

The story (or rather the actions) in Nami consist of... fish rape. A naked woman (don't watch this in front of your parents!) sits in the corner of a bed, while being attacked by fishes, first it's one, then two, eventually her body is overthrown by fish and she dies, we then go to act 2.

In act 2, we see the woman's body, she's now dead, her legs and her (censored) vagina are tainted with red, probably blood. From her vagina, all the fish get out and her body is full of fish by the end.

I-I don't know what to say... I really don't. If you have any common sense this review basically writes itself.

- Art

Must I remind you, this is not animated. It's composed of various live action photos put on top of each other very rapidly "animating" it very weirdly. The room the character is in don't seem to be in very good condition, fish come out from the weirdest places and leave a water mark on the floor.

You shall not worry, as the creators have ensured to keep every detail in so to assure that you'll be disgusted by the end of it all.

- Sound

There is a version of Nami in Youtube which puts the song "One pound fish" on top of it. While the song is pretty dope, this is not the original version. The original version contains the sound of fish going through the house. It's hard to describe it, but this is what is going to keep you the most disgusted because it fits very well with the imagery, specially the imagery of fish entering through a woman's vagina.

It's... not very good.

- Character

The only reason I'm giving this a 2/10 and not a 1/10 like everything else is because I pity both the character of the woman in this video and the "actress".

- Enjoyment

Don't ever watch this. Even if you're curious. You gain nothing from watching this but disgust. That 0.05 less average score you'll gain from rating this 1/10 and the +1 anime count isn't worth it.

- Overall: 0.5/10

Thankfully Kei Oyama went to do better things after this.