Sep 30, 2016
somaisbatman (All reviews)
When Macklemore invented gay rights back in 2012 with his release of Same Love, it was very clear that he was fresh off of viewing the arthouse masterpiece Yoru no Hi. While we can all agree that Same Love is one of the best singles of 2012, second only to PSY's Gangnam Style, can the same be said of this video? Does Yoru no Hi stand the test of time now that Macklemore has defeated heterosexuality? With these questions in mind I plunged into this short film to find out.

Visually, this one's a shocker. Everything is rendered in brown tones, which creates a murky, depressed, and solemn environment. As it is continually hand-drawn and erased, the animation style is choppy, bizarre, and quite creepy at times.

Unfortunately, the sound couldn't hold up as well. Before writing this review I went to my local library to do some additional research on the source material. Basically, the audio files for this film were improperly recorded, and as such, all the dialogue was instead replaced with the sounds of rustling fabrics and typewriter clicks. Rerecording the lines would have costed a whole extra seven dollars and sixty-three cents, so the producer instead chose to roll with the messed up audio. As such, what was intended to be a neo-noir crime thriller movie ended up actually being way artsier than originally intended. Maybe that's not a bad thing, but one day I would like to see the original artistic vision rendered into reality.

There is absolutely zero symbolism in the entire film.

Overall I would highly recommend checking out your local library. Library cards are quite often free, and you will find troves of knowledge. Besides, literacy is an important skill for both you and the upcoming generation. Visit the webpage of Reading is Fundamental to find out more about how you can support your libraries and the future literacy of your children.