Sep 30, 2016
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Great. Here we go again with one those animes we’re visited just because it has been established as “different” For having adult cast and devoid anime clichés. Frankly, that was my and probably most people main reason to ever pick up 91 days on seasonal watch. However, what I want to pointed out is that I do appreciated something different, but what matters about the show is, is it actually good? Sadly in the case of 91 days it fails to elevate all those “different” things beyond generic

91 days is the latest series by studio Shuka, who, famously known for doing all sequel of Durarara! The Story set in 1920s era revolving around the man named Angelo on his quest for revenge to mafia named Vanneti’s family who killed his parents, the story started with time skip when Angelo has started his adventure and changed his name to Avillio.

Let’s get this out of the way first. Despite being called as a story about revenge, this show is quite confusing or in my case really boring because, really, the show is too complicated for its own good. Instead of getting a simple revenge story from A to B or at least A to C to D to B, this show gone to the way A to C to D back to C again go to Z and gone anywhere to the point the revenge theme doesn’t relevant anymore. We always introduce with new cast almost each episodes particulary in earlier one. Making this show had lot of extensive cast. It maybe not a problem if that complicated plot already accompanied by reasonable length, but no, the show has only 12 episodes… well not really as it is actually only 11 episodes considering there’s a filler episode in the middle involving some Mexican dude that absolutely doesn’t offer anything to the plot. The result of this limited length is that the pacing is rushed making some of resolution feels forced; there are villains that really really hard to beat in the earlier episodes, yet his resolution is anticlimactic by the end of the series. Heck, even the ending feels jarring, it was “power of friendship” ending. Making it even more doesn’t make sense considering what some of the character has gone through.

Also, if you’re expecting to be exciting mafia with action with interesting characters. at the least in the same way as Baccano, be prepared to be disappointed. This anime has a plenty of dialogues, these characters speak. They talk and talk. They spend the whole anime talking. They talk about what? Lasagna, meat ,booze, or anything that interest them. Their characterization is lost in the middle of thousands of words; Most of them even don’t have a personality; they do nothing but act cool or badass. Avillio maybe a better character, but he doesn't really add anything, he's pretty much like decent cunning protagonist you've seen in most anime. For me, it even did not make any sense what they are talking. The dialogs were unintelligible and nothing helped by a set of perfectly improper voices. All the characters seemed to speak of all matters with a pang of comic irony, which ends up being unnatural in anime that is intended to be a serious story or more or less regular life and the work mafia. The memorability of the character may also worth mentioned, for me, it took a 3-4 episodes before I barely remember these character’s name, because really... there’s nothing distinguishing in the characters design, most of them looks like an adult you’ve seen in other anime, even all characters name are based on his mafia’s name like Barbero, Corteo, Fango, Ronaldo and there’s no way I will remember them in in a long time.

As for The art and animation, the series is quite serious, and it shows with muted colors. However, There are several moments where the characters bodies show inconsistencies, with facial features being small or out of place, and limbs being shorter than each other but overall it wasn't distratcting you enough like say Ace Attorney's animation. All in all the series was done good with everything it has in this department but nothing will blown you away.

The sound was present I guess, I honestly don’t remember and honestly don’t care because I do find nothing memorable from the back sound nor it does the OP and ED song I found catchy, but technically I think it was fit.

Enjoyment was also quite absence in my case, because I found the show to be boring. Although it worth mentioned that every single episode of 91 days always ended up with cliffhanger, but for me they really don't do much to save this series from being very, very bland and dull.

All in all, I’m quite disappointed with this series like the way Joker Game did last season. I’m pretty sure this was one of titles that we’ll forget when next season came out. With all that having been said I don’t find this series very compelling. It’s not a good series, and I don’t even think it’s even good for its genre. At the end of the day, there are really much better wastes of your time out there than 91 days. It is nothing more than cheap stories with cliffhanger.

Story 4/10
Art 7/10
Sound 5/10
Characters 3/10
Enjoyment 4/10
Overall 5/10

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