Sep 30, 2016
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Before starting the review I would like to say that I have read most part of the Visual Novel, and I love it, but I will not compare them and I will not argue about the number of episodes, because the review section is supposed to tell about the anime only, and why you should watch or not watch it according to my opinion.

Rewrite is set in the fictional city Kazamatsuri where treeplanting and afforestation have caused the city to become overgrown with trees and flowers in much the same way that other cities are filled by buildings. Tennouji Kotarou lives here. He's a high school student who has the ability to rewrite his own body. He can become stronger and faster at any time he chooses. He investigates supernatural mysteries with five girls from his school.

That's the story very simplified, it doesn't really catch many attention by simply reading the synopsis, despite being much more complex than it seems.

This anime is an action, comedy, romance and school genre, but why is harem not included here? Refering to the ANIME it really should be a harem genre, a guy staying with five girls in a club, getting along better with each one at each episode. As regards to the action genre I really think they tried to have many action scenes since the very beginning of the anime, which I think was not necessary, because if it followed a slower pace I'm pretty sure it would be way better than that, there's too many action and too many things happening, I mean, things happen too fast and sometimes you don't even know anymore what you are watching, I think the word that fits it better is: messy, I also saw many people saying that weren't understanding anything about the anime. About the Comedy in the anime, it's funny, not a anime that you will laugh every minute, not even every episode, just because it is not meant to be this way, so I really think it doesn't lack comedy at all, in other words, in my opinion the comedy was almost used in the right way, there are some scenes where comedy wasn't necessary, actually, it shouldn't be there. About the Romance, until now the romance was not very present, it just seems like a generic harem anime, not romantic, even the characters personalities seems like harem.

The Art of the anime tried to be the most moe as possible, all the girls were supposed to be cute, I don't think it fits the anime at all, it could be a lot better, but I didn't found it bad or ugly. It has some CG's, some of them were well made, but most of them weren't, I don't consider it unpleasant, maybe for the majority it can be, also some scenes I feel like the art is a bit bad, but it also has some scenes I found the art pretty, specifically at the beginning of the first episode only, to be honest, as the episodes went by I had the feeling the art worsened.

About the sound, I think it's almost perfect, it fits with the scenes and they are very pleasant to hear, OP and ED are beautiful, also 2nd OP and ED are great, Koibumi from Yanagi Nagi and Sunbright by Ayaka Kitazawa are wonderful, I just think the musics were used in the wrong way or timing sometimes, that's why I wouldn't give it a 10 score.

About the characters all of them are pretty funny in their own way, all of them have unique characteristics and personalities, although they seem like the same generic harem type of characters in the beggining, they are pretty well made and show their real selfs at some point.

I can say I did enjoy it a lot, and also that I didn't, probably because I read the novel it disappointed me in some points, but it was so enjoyable to see some good scenes being animated, many action scenes, drama, some funny scenes and some romance aspects, although it really feels like just another harem action anime in the beginning. The anime has a fast pace and that's the bad point here, this "original route" was not bad, the way they adapted it to be a 13 episodes isn't bad, but the way the story was presented and how rushed it is, this is what makes it bad, also the original route is pretty much a mix of every route in Rewrite in a lighter version, when what's happening is "too heavy" it seems that they tried to break the ice making a comedy scene right after it, that's another bad point.

A new season has already been announced, which I think is great, this entirely season seemed to be rushed and it really was. Anime-only viewers probably disliked it, also some people who read the novel too, they left so many things unexplained, but there's still hope for this, next season Moon and Terra routes will be adapted, so it will probably be more understandable for everyone and it's expected to be better adapted too. I'm looking forward for it and I hope everyone feels the same, I mean, this entire season feels like an introduction for the vast and complex story of rewrite, and probably everything will be much more clear after season two, and also depending on how good next season will be, people may change the opinion about this, unfortunately(or not) some people probably just won't watch next season.