Sep 29, 2016
KamuiGavin (All reviews)
My only problem with being a fan of the Danganronpa franchise is that its fanbase can be, sometimes, toxic. If a very little detail is not of their liking, then the whole episode (or worse, the whole show) is garbage, and they sometimes can be hypocrisy incarnate. I'm not generalizing, of course, as I have encountered many nice fellows that also share my taste for this franchise and understand what Kodaka wants to say and do with his story.

Finding a perfect ending these days is a difficult task in almost any media. It's not that they are bad, but they leave with that feeling that you were expecting more, that things could have concluded in a much better way.

Thankfully that is not the case with Danganronpa 3. We can discuss a lot about the overall quality of the whole series, but Hope Side, as an ending to the Hope's Speak storyline, was how it should have been from the beginning.

First off, this episode explains a few things we were wondering about from the previous episodes. The creation of AI Chiaki was finally explained, the Cure W next to Kirigiri's corpse had a purpose in the end (oh Kodaka, you are so good with details), the fate of Class 77 after the New World Program was finally revealed, etc.

We also got some epic and memorable moments, such as the Class 77 fighting against the brainwashed future foundation agents and cooperating with each other, Nagito finally talking with Naegi (I waited for a moment like this for so long), the confrontation against Mitarai (which was meant to be emotional and NOT EPIC as some fans, for some reason, wanted it) was very touching, the little talk between Hajime and Chiaki was simply good (and necessary), and the final scene with everyone reconstructing Hope's Peak Academy, with Naegi being named the Director, was so relieving...

In the end, everything ended well. Honestly there's barely anything for me to complain about this episode. These "plotholes" some people are talking about are very minor details that can be easily explained if you just opened your mind a little bit.
And calling this episode garbage because it was filled with fanservice... yeah, duh, I mean, for starters Danganronpa 3 only exists as a fanservice! Kodaka could have easily avoided doing this anime and go straight for V3, but he wanted to end this whole storyline in a satisfying way for us... and that he did.

As for Danganronpa 3 as a whole... yeah, I admit there's a lot to discuss and complain about, but despite its flaws it was still an overall entertaining show that gave me many good and memorable moments. Both Future and Despair easily get an 8 out of 10 for me.

But Hope was truly an outstanding ending to the whole franchise, an ending I'll keep in my heart for a long time. I'll really miss all of these characters, but knowing that they are happy now relieves me a lot.

Now let's see how Kodaka manages with New Danganronpa V3!

Have a good day filled with hope... and despair!