Sep 29, 2016
SirKnight007 (All reviews)
Psycho-Pass, one of my favourite anime besides Pokemon, Gurren Lagaan, Steins;Gate and Cowboy Bebop. Nothing else ever drew me in closer and made me binge-watch the hell out of it. Heck! While I was watching Trigun, I put it On-hold for a day or two, and I started watching it, WITH NO BREAKS IN BETWEEN! But when I heard there was a movie, I had to look it up. And let me tell you, it was mid Trigun ALL OVER again (except this time, with Serial Experiments Lain [The show was good, but in a battle of engagement, it was pretty one-sided]). So let's clear our Psycho-Pass and file in our cases, this is Psycho-Pass-The Movie.

Story - 10/10
The show explores a pretty interesting concept, what the world would be like if we implemented the Sibyl System to Third-World countries. Some might say it would work, others might argue otherwise. And that’s what makes the story so engaging. Our main protagonist is also dragged into the conflict of the country of SEAUn, trying to piece the jigsaw pieces and to see the big picture, just like the first episode of the main series. As always, Gen Urobuchi nails this part of the story. Making the world more relatable, engaging, breath-taking and fleshed out, all while going through all kinds of themes, such as, ‘when it’s over, what do you do?’ Or ‘Is the Sibyl System REALLY the best choice?’ Or ‘Is Psycho-Pass 2 part of this movie?’ To the latter, I say, No (PRAISE THE LORD!). To the others I say, watch the movie and see for yourself. Yes, the dialogue can get a little heavy at times, but knowing Gen Urobuchi, he can make ANY exposition engaging. When we hear exposition, we think ‘droning’, ’boring’ or ‘is it lunch time yet?’ When we hear exposition in movies, we think ‘Oh God!’, ‘How much LONGER!!!!’ and ‘Kill me NOW!’ But in this case, none of these points EVER popped up. We think ‘engaging’, ‘wonder’, ‘thought-provoking’, ‘educating’, and ‘Yup, its Gen Urobuchi.’.

Art – 10/10
What did you expect? Of course, the art is great. It has Great shot composition, atmospheric settings and, of course, gorgeous visuals. And we can NOT talk about Psycho-Pass’s visuals without talking about the gore, and talk about gore I shall. You know it’s Psycho-Pass when gore is kept to a bare minimum, but show it SO well. For those of you who were unlucky enough to watch Psycho-Pass 2, you must have noticed that the Dominator was used too many times, as opposed to the first season, where the paralyze mode is used the most, and the Lethal Eliminator is preserved for the perpetrators. This is akin to the rules from, where else, OUR world. Police are highly advised AGAINST using guns on an unarmed civilian, but rather as a means to intimidate criminals and force them into a corner. The gun holds a LOT of responsibility, just like our Dominators. How will they be used? Who will be at the receiving end? Is this gonna look like a sexual innuendo? Why use it? There’s a lot to consider it. It’s not just a weapon of awesomeness; it’s a glow stick of HEAVY responsibility, with enough firepower to WRECK SHIT UP!!

Sound – 9/10
It’s the same as always. That’s what I like about this movie; it stays true to what Psycho Pass is about.
However, in the case of the sub, it gets kinda shaky. Approximately, one-third of the movie is plastered in ‘engrish’. It really gets in your nerves from time to time. I know they’re foreigners, but couldn’t you ask a foreigner to do that? It’s not that hard. If there’s one engrish I can handle, it’s from Kana Hanazawa. Her English was pretty fluent, even though it falls into engrish territory. All in all, this might be the weakest point, but I can’t tell, not until I hear the dubbed version (which might take a while).

Characters – 10/10
Just like how we cannot talk about Psycho-Pass without the Dominator, we can’t talk about Gen Urobuchi’s work without talking about the characters. The story takes places after the events of Psycho-Pass (NOT the second season, as I do NOT consider it canon), and the character’s growth is quite evident. Akane Tsunemori is back, and she’s not as naïve as she was before. She now has a lot of responsibility on her hands, considering she’s going on a business trip to SEAUn to determine the worth of the Sibyl System. She was one of my favourite characters of the series, and it’s good to see her character grow. Some of you may be thinking, “HEY! Where’s Shinya Kougami? Well, he’s here too, but for spoiler reasons, I cannot disclose what he is doing at the moment, but it does show what would happen when someone from a highly sophisticated justice system quit and try to look for some peace and quiet. He’s a man looking for some piece and quite, only to find wherever he went was a battlefield. I mean, COME ON! He went through a LOT, and the guy couldn’t just catch a break. And here’s where the movie throws a curve ball of jaw-dropping proportions. The characters from the second season, is back, though minor, and their characters are more stable. Yeah, even I couldn’t believe it. If you saw the second season, your perception of them might be little critical. But when I saw it, it kind of makes sense. And let’s not forget about the side characters, they played a HUGE role in the series. From the twists, the climax, AND the action scenes, they never lose their spotlight. And let’s not forget about Sem. He fought with a machine gun, WHILE WEARING A LUNGI! For those of you who don’t know, a lungi is a long piece of cloth. It’s like a poor man’s towel; less absorby, it's more like a substitute for pants. It is to Bangladesh, what the towel is to space (So long, and thanks for all the fish).

Enjoyment – 10/10
Guys, I put Serial Experiments Lain on hold, just to watch this gem. OF COURSE I ENJOYED IT! However, this time I won’t factor in my enjoyment, but rather the enjoyment of the fans. I am a fan, but this isn’t about me. It’s about YOU. The movie came weeks after the second season, so people might have been turned off and avoided it. For those who didn’t, were REALLY lucky bastards. For those who didn’t watch the second season, they’ll definitely enjoy it. But for those who did, will find it to be a breath of fresh air. It’s like wearing a pair of fresh new underwear on the morning of New Year’s Eve after taking a bath. It feels GREAT!!! But will newcomers enjoy it? If they want to, they’re better off watching anime first, and avoid the second season for the sake of not ruining their vibe.

Overall – 10/10 (Of course! WHY NOT 10/10?)
Ask me if I recommend it or not one more time, I swear I’m going to douse your face into a bucket of freezing water, and then punching you in the face while yelling’ “NO SHIT SHERLOCK! OF COURSE I RECOMMEND IT!!” Many people thought that Psycho-Pass 2 would give the series some closure, when in reality; this movie did a better job of doing that. Being a Psycho-Pass fan, this movie really put me in déjà vu territory again. Just like how I put a series on hold just to watch Akane get pushed into the action right away, I put another series on hold just to watch Akane go back to where she was in the first episode, but this time, she’s better and stronger. Strong enough to take the job and make it out even stronger than before. You can tell that the staff pulled absolutely no punches on this one, and it definitely shows.But this is not the end of the sci-fi marathon. Oh no. Next we’re diving into an anime that just seems to get better and better, as time goes by.