Sep 27, 2016
Ruttone (All reviews)
Spoiler free.

Story: 7

This movie is all about the "daily adventure" of Buddha and Jesus, who chose to make a vacation in the modern Japan...and that's enough strange, in a good sense.
We'll going to watch various "chapters" that depict different "daily", or anyhow common, situation, and the original way that the characters have to face them.
Despite the division of the movie in different "chapters" the time dedicated and the time's flow are well balanced and each story result interesting and funny.

Art: 7

As i usually say, the art have primarily to "fit" the kind of work that have to be presented, and in Saint☆Oniisan does it's job, not less and not more.
So, not memorable but with some pearl here and there, during change of expression, for example.

Sound: 7

Good OST, nice insert/ending song and right choice for the voice of the main characters make the sound of the series good.

Character: 7

In Saint☆Oniisan there are only two important characters, so it would be difficult to ruin them!
Far from be deep, they are well characterised and the interaction flow well and it's funny!

Enjoyment: 9

Yes, i've loved that movie, it make me laugh and it's like i've really spent some time with that strange duo. I'm not used to watch movies, they usually make me dizzy, sleepy, but that one really catch me, from the start to the end.

Overall: 8 Good job!

I'm atheist. This movie talk about two saints, but didn't "hurt my sensibility" in any way.
It has concealed meanings or messages? Who am I for ruin your thinking?! Watch it and discover on your own! Have fun :)