Feb 7, 2010
Nia9001 (All reviews)
In this world, people judge according to one’s appearance. Neglecting them if they’re disappointed after peeling off the skin. Harsh? Yes. This is the reality of what this story takes place to. It takes your mindset into something captivating.

The main storyline focuses on two characters namely: Yuzuru, a person who may seem unblemished, ethical and perfect. He gives off a stoic vibe to many people who sees him. Most of his classmates adore him. There’s only one thing, he isn’t like what you’re imagining. A prince?No, definitely no. He’s quite the opposite. He’s moody, grumpy and frank. And most of the times ends up getting dumped by the girl who confessed to him, it’s contradictory.

On the other side of the picture, Seryou, a year younger and is the ‘I-go-out-with-girls-with-no-feelings-attached’ kind of guy. Looking up from different angles, he seems to be a bad guy. But peeking through the needle hole, he is someone who is surprisingly unfathomable. He’s mysterious, bizarre and apathetic.

For the plot, it starts off when Yuzuru gets a chance to go out with one of the most popular guys in school, Seryou. But wait–there’s something more. All we know is both of them are straight, right? Seryou goes out with random people for a week, and dumps them afterwards saying that he can’t feel anything for them. Yuzuru on the other hand, hears this gossip and piques his interest. A while after, he asks Seryou if he could go out with him. Yuzuru takes this as a joke while Seryou, after hearing this took it seriously and started to act like as a perfect boyfriend.

We have two of the most common characters in a plot just like this. There’s only something between them, a relationship. Then what?Love?Misunderstandings?Trials?

And this is how the story starts to get more enticing.

In a typical shounen ai read, the strongest element that can be made is its art. Seven Days’ design was really alluring. Fully detailed and the background really gets the readers to notice them. It creates more depth and sets the characters on the perfect flow and atmosphere. It feels like the characters were from a picture book and it just keeps you staring at it. There are many words to describe it actually. But uniqueness is something more suitable.

The characters has a chronic impact. It intercepts most of the minor flaws and gets back again in a good progress. It provides the readers captivity through its detailed scheme. It strips down one of the most pleasant elements in a story and directs satisfaction with no constraint. It simply makes you want to love them.

Some supporting characters are merely for support. In the beginning half of the story, they were a big help with the comical part and the progress of the main cast. But on the latter part, they seem to achromatize. Which I think needs improvement, nevertheless it did not affect too much on the flow of the story. Some outweighs the others which makes the readers focus more on them. Just like the other Shiyo, while she made half of the story interesting, the others were used for back up but is also reflexive.

Monday to Thursday has the majority of Yuzuru’s thoughts. He primarily thinks of things complicatedly and often leads to misunderstandings. He’s too self conscious due to his past relationships. Passing over these facts, we may also find him adorably childish. He sticks to his friends oftentimes and acts like a spoiled child when with Seryou.

On the contrary, Friday to Sunday premiers Seryou’s intricate mindset. He loves Yuzuru more than anyone else. He loves Yuzuru as a whole; as a child, a student, an upperclassman, a friend, a person, a man and as a lover. Still, he doesn’t comprehend with Seryou’s thinking. In many instances, Seryou is seen surprised by Yuzuru’s actions. He wants to knock on the door of Yuzuru’s life. He wants to be with him, even after seven days.

This is another recommended shounen ai read for those who are hooked up with platonic relationships. It focuses more on the character’s development and the relationship between them gives off more of pure love rather than sensual feeling. Though I say that it’s pure love, you won’t find a girly uke here. It’s all masculine, in a different kind of way.

Seven Days is not merely just a title. This is where the whole storyline revolves,starts and ends. It actually doesn’t end. It’s a cycle of events where people are not only to be loved because of appearance, but because he is the being himself.

Speaking of seven days, how many days does it actually need to fall inlove with someone?