Sep 26, 2016
AnimeZ0id (All reviews)
Have you ever watched an anime that had 12 episodes that had very interesting visuals, great characters (and development) and story that was charming in its own nature? No? Well Mob Psycho 100 is right here for you to watch!

Story - 8/10

To be entirely honest, I didn't think much with this series. I was going to skip over it and not even bat an eye at it--why? I heard it was by ONE and even though I enjoyed One Punch Man, it wasn't something I'd rewatch and go after again. I tend to steer away from "stereotypical" shounen series nowadays. I thought this series was going to be the same formula. I was wrong. Yes, the anime starts off slow--yes it appears to be recycled garbage at first. But it really evolves into something very charming.

The premise of this series is pretty simplistic. Mob is the main character and he's a middle school boy who's an outcast from most of society, including social circles. What separates him from the norm is his psychic abilities. It's quite a quirky show with a lot of comedy elements. Each episode consists of Mob going after spirits and performing an exorcism using his psychic abilities. Along the way you meet different characters that add to the comedy aspect of this anime. With this said, story-wise. It's more of a character driven show, but honestly, I like the simple story and how it goes deeper and deeper into the world building. Conflicts arise later in the series and the way it's handled between the characters is nothing short of amazing. I don't know about you, but I'm really sick of melodramatic sequences in stories where characters act really stupid (i.e. romcoms) and it ruins the quality of storyline.

Mob Psycho 100 doesn't do that--it propels a simple story with endearing characters. I'm honestly so surprised how much world building we got in 12 episodes without it feeling rushed (I'm an anime only so I do not know how well paced it was compared to the source material).

Art - 10/10

Bones has done it again with another incredible job with animation! The art is probably what makes this anime stick out so much--and why people probably turned a blind eye to this series. Which is such a shame given the beautifully fluid animation; especially in action scenes! The style may come off more cartoony than the traditional "moe" anime style we are all used to, but I promise you that it's not a reason to overlook this anime. I personally think the style is unique and really sets a tone for the series. It's simple in nature much like the story.

Sound - 9/10

The OP "Mob Choir 99" is such a catchy tune and you start counting with the song every week! The visuals that go with it is also very catching! You notice something new every time you look it. The ED song is very simple and mellow--this captures the easy going nature of the series (until the battles scenes though lol). The OSTS are also very interesting to hear.

Character - 10/10

I've seen comedy series get 25 episodes and do absolutely nothing with the characters and shove repetitive rubbish in my face episode after episode. Whether you like the comedy or not is entirely subjective, but regardless, in 12 episodes I never once felt that rubbish shoving in my face. The characters manage to get more development in such a short amount of time compared to anime with 24 episodes.

Our main character, Mob, starts off fairly easy to read. He's introverted in nature and isn't good with social interactions. The only thing he seems to be good at is his psychic abilities--he has deep admiration for his little brother who seems to be the top at everything except what Mob is good at. Later in the story, we see how Mob expresses his emotions and feelings. We see how complicated and powerful he truly is. But what separates him from most main shounen characters is his modesty--he doesn't want these powers and he never once in the 12 episodes ever desires to be stronger. He's never egotistic about it. He never shows it off. He's almost always kind to anyone who returns kindness to him. He tries his best and he's deeply supported by those around him. He's a misfit in theory, but he's managed to have so many people care about him and despite his struggle to express feelings, he's close to them as well. He never wants to hurt anyone unless it's a spirit. He'll do anything to protect his brother and friends even if it meant throwing away personal values. And even when he's been knocked down and defeated, he gets back up and though he may lose his way, he still tries. Maybe not with strength, maybe just maybe, in the end he will win without really winning. Maybe he'll succeed with only restoring those personal values and the faith others have given him. Mob, the main character of Mob Psycho 100.

Anything else I say about the characters would be considered spoilers, and I wouldn't want to ruin it! But for the sake of summary, Ritsu (Mob's brother) has great development and beautiful characters bonding between brothers :') Reigen (Mob's Master) comes off as an asshole in the beginning and you come to think that he only uses Mob as a tool for his own personal gain. Later on however, you come to realize there's way more to him than at first though. He will also have his shinning moment! Ekubo (Mob's spirit friend) starts off evil but then develops a bond not just between Mob, but the other main characters and even some of the supporting characters. He went from bad to not so bad haha.

Any other characters that have some sort of role are likable and charming to say the least. It's just all well balanced with a full set of cast without making it feel overwhelming! I'm just so impressed with how Bones handled this anime--so very impressed.

Enjoyment/overall - 10/10

Through the comedy, stunning action, great characters, and unraveling plot, this anime didn't fail to assume me! I'm so excited to see a season 2 ASAP! I highly recommend this anime :)