Sep 26, 2016
LeaderTGW (All reviews)
Uninspiring, highly overrated, and cheap. Brilliance and creativity are the last things to come to mind while watching Mob Psycho 100.

The story is a complete joke. It is a major step-down compared to One's other work, One Punch Man. The entire story plays out like a tale a 5th grader would write and present. Of the many terrible presentations Mob Psycho 100 has to offer, One of the most bothersome reoccurring things is that the show lacks of creativity. The main character in particular, shares the same characteristic traits and personality of Saitama from One Punch Man. The plot and story always feature an overpowered main character that is socially awkward trying to save the day with his inexplicably obtained powers. The main characters in his works usually lack any motivation unless they're triggered more than the typical girl on Tumblr. Rinse & repeat for every this process for just about every episode and that my dear readers is the show. If this continues as a re-occurring theme for his stories, One needs to do a better job with creating and introducing a story, plot, and characters that doesn’t appear too similar to his other works.

Fun fact: Did you know that you can pretty much get an idea of what the plot is about for the rest of the series based upon the opening title sequence alone?

One was either sitting on the toilet or taking a shower when he thought about what was going to happen next for this series. The director could have easily changed specific things to make it more intriguing however; there were no signs of that happening. Now perhaps one of the interesting things involving the story was that certain episode's do like to focus on more serious matters. It wasn't all nonsensical fighting. To contradict what I said about the toilet thing earlier, there were a few moments in the story were the characters did try to improve their powers while trying to understand the most complicated things about their psychic powers and abilities.

There were multiple scenes featured within the story where tense emotional dialogue would temporarily take over action scenes. It made the show a little more “dramatic” however; I don’t believe that most of the parts where these “dramatic moments” had taken place were proper. This was evident during many of the fights. The pacing of the story was pretty straight-forward. Often times there didn't seem to be a reason to go back and explain certain details within the story. Depending on how you perceived the show, I didn’t thing that the story was as awful as others make it out to be.

In conclusion, the story could’ve have definitely used some touching up! Plot developments lack excitement; it’s constantly riddled with predictable moments, and lacks an interesting narrative.

Animation, character designs, quality and background settings. The following are the shows weak points in the art department. There were some pretty decent fighting and action sequences. The bad thing is that they are plagued with awful choices made in quality, setting, and special effects. I look back at earlier episodes like 4 & 5 prospectively, and believe that within the entire series 4 & 5 had the best fight scenes; this is me being nice by the way. Although the background setting featured in those particular episode were plain and dull. The school yard setting reminded me of old anime from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. In those days, background settings were not that important unless it had meaning.Of course it being 2016 at the time of this review, it is highly unacceptable by today’s standards..

The animators often times put a lot effort into the details of a fight. Characters muscles, facial reactions, and body reactions along with the well fitted dialogue, worked out pretty damn well. Sometimes, it made for more believable and intense fights. Not all fights were good though, I use episode 8 such as, during the time Mob is getting Rekt, the animation, facial expressions body movements looked a complete mess. While it may be fixed in the Blu-ray it still doesn't change the fact that it was terrible at first.

Moving on, special effects like the rain and the auroras surrounding characters while they are using their powers. It looked as if the animators just went into after effects or even Sony Vegas, created them, and put them into the final product. It seems safe to say that this series was on a budget.

This could be good or bad because if you're reading the manga then you can tell that the animators decided to stick with the original designs created by One. Bad thing is that, if you're like me, and care about seeing animators put a lot effort towards making an original work look better with upgraded character designs, special effects, and lots of great details in various scenes, you would be disappointed. Now I've seen many, many titles where the manga or LN designs look, and are much more beautiful than the anime however, now is not the time to discuss it.

In short, Mob psycho is a visual disaster! Characters designs in the manga, as mentioned earlier lack any kind of beauty or aesthetics. But, I'm focused on the anime now. Getting back on the subject, anime character designs are a pain to look at. Every other character appears to look exactly alike in facial features. This ranges from the head shapes, eyes, along with facial structures and hair. The appearances of characters, background settings, clothing, and background objects seen within the series are poor in quality and design.

The sound was pretty decent. There were less than a handful of tracks and sound effects that made the show stand out. The music composed for certain scenes that express sadness, depression enhances the mood and atmosphere. Songs created for the fight sequences were lacking an edge to make the fight more engaging. The voice actors were “okay.” I didn't think the actors had the right attitude for the series.

Some seiyuu’s are dedicated to making their characters sound more realistic by remember something that made them angry in the past and expressing the anger they felt from that experience to make a more believable attitude or sound for their characters vocals. For the most part, I did not feel that the voice actors were putting forth all their potential.

In ONE's future work I hope that he introduces more original characters. The characters are too one-dimensional. I wanted to drop this show on episode 2 because of this. The main character Shigeo is a blatant, lazily copy & pasted Saitama. I had trouble trying to like Shigeo because he doesn't have the same appeal that Saitama does, despite being a rip off. Shigeo's most unappealing trait is his socially awkward and clueless demeanor.

Sometimes it's cute when girls in anime are shy and awkward, however guys, not so much. Side characters are a joke. You know, as I’m writing this, I don’t even think that’s a good word to describe them because they were not in any way funny. While some give a little entertainment others are so annoying. I found this true mostly with the antagonists. The so-called "supportive" characters are more like comic relief than anything else.ONE appears to lack the ability to create characters that have a more “unique” and “rich” personality. His bad habit of copying and pasting the same characters from his different work is getting stale.

Enjoyment during the span of this series ranged from “awful” and “okay.” I usually drop titles after four episodes however the fourth was a deal breaker. I gradually continued to hope that maybe a new development in the story and characters would come along to change my negative feelings for Mob Psycho. This simply was not the case. Some may argue that “most people fail to see the shows appeal” or that “You shouldn’t judge a show based upon appearances.” I argue back that when it comes down to Mob Psycho, the show tosses away fluent story-telling, creative writing, lasting appeal, memorable characters, good character designs, creative background settings, quality animation and a soundtrack with songs you can keep on repeat.

The real question is why and how? How could a show that has such awful traits be so highly praised? The answer is simple. Simplicity is what the show builds its foundation upon. The entire show is simple enough for anyone new or old to anime understand easily and most importantly enjoy. Its’ welcoming, the show doesn’t need good character designs or a good introduction. Having high quality animation? Forget that! Everything is kept simple, and that’s’ actually a good thing. I think of it as an old Nintendo console. You play Super Mario bros 3. You’re having a good time, sure the graphics aren’t the best, but the important thing is that you’re having a good time. You’re having fun seeing the simplicity and joy of Mario flying around in a tanooki suit crushing goomba’s and turtles.

Overall Mob Psycho 100 really needed work in creativity. Mob Psycho would’ve continued to do well
as just a manga title. As for whether I recommend this or not, I would actually say yes. Mob is a pretty good despite the fact that it lacks appeal, creative story-telling, and quality. Referring Mob, or even considering Mob Psycho 100 to be less than or equal to One-Punch Man is an insult.

Final thoughts,

I felt that Mob Psycho 100 deserved a solid 4/10 for trying… if you even want to call it that.