Sep 26, 2016
Thunderfrog (All reviews)
Kono Bijutsubu, or "This Art Club Has a Problem!"

When perusing the new stuff coming in 2016, I was really excited for this one. I'm a huge Chunibyou fan, and seeing the art was similar was pleasing.

Story: 6

It doesn't take much to draw a lot of Chuunibyou comparisons based on archetypes and character design. However, even though there's a girl with Chuni in Kono B, it's story is its own and no where as serious or life-defining, but instead is much more about a girl with a crush on a guy who only digs anime chicks.

It's very much "adventure of the day", with no intermixing plot elements to bind the story, other than a girl crushing on a guy who likes waifus.

In some anime, there is basically 0 plot development. This is one of them. Where you start is where you end. If you like that sort of thing, where no one gets too heavy and it's all in good fun, you might be a fan.

I prefer a bit more of an unfolding story.

Art: 10

I love the Chuuni art style, and this copies it perfectly. In fact, a few of the characters could just be pallet swaps, to be honest. Still, this is my favorite type of color saturation / animation / art style. If you like softer and more colorful, this will do it for you. The last episodes animation is amazing.

Sound. 7

The opening score is kind of average. The end score is good but with weird visuals. The VA's are all great fits.

Character. 6

The teacher is cute. The boy is different. The main girl is crushing on the main boy. No one so far has any surprises or value other than whats on the surface. The more anime I watch, the more I prefer characters who are more than a trope. This so far is the shows only real shortcoming.

-The president, a sleepy character who loves naps

-Subaru, a love-oblivious kid who dislikes "3-d" women and spends his time drawing waifu.

- Mizuki, a generic-on-purpose protagonist who loves Subaru, but is ignored by him.

-Collete, a french student left behind by her parents. She's "the weird one." and basically Dekomori with a haircut.

A little later on, a new cast member appears, who shares many interests with Subaru, which annoys the crap out of Mizuki. She's also got 8th Grade Syndrome, refers to the "Black Flame Dragon", and is basically a bridge of concept between this show and Chuunibyou.

Sensei Yumeha is also a thing, but she's relegated to oppai fan-service.

Enjoyment. 8

It's a good "smiling" kind of a show and one you can enjoy. You -know- how most episodes will end, but it's nice to watch it happen and generally the things they try to make cute, are in fact very cute and it's pretty funny. I genuinely laugh about once or twice an episode.

Overall. 7.4

(Note, I weigh story and characters as double scores.)

Art Class is an anime worth watching for some and will be incredibly frustrating for others. The art is great even if the substance is thin, it's tropes we like watching over and over. It tries really hard to draw from other works, and ends up feeling like a weak copy.

It's a good production value kind of show, but it's very predictable and really nothing new from any other anime that's slice of life with an unrequited romance.

Pros and Cons

++: If you like the Chuunibyou art, you'll like this art.
+: Good for slice of life without a huge cast.
+: If you like low-drama.
+: Is generally pretty funny.

- - : If you want something thought provoking, like Chuunibyou.
- - -: If you are tired of tropes.
- -: 0 plot progression.