Sep 22, 2016
Divil (All reviews)
This hentai caught my eye because I rather enjoy Netorare but it was actually Netori. The story is actually unique in that it uses sexting as the way for the characters to interact. The sexting was one of the good points and was used as a good way for the characters to meet.

The premise behind the story was actually interesting but the execution fell flat, I know it's hentai but I expect something more than what I was presented. The plot development was too mechanical and the transitions were more for moving to a new scene than to develop any story line. The plot was basically a chain of black mail.

The art decent but the animation was minimal. some of the scenes looked as though they had only three images looping, I guess you can't expect much from a hentai. The sex scenes were not really enjoyable. Some of the sex scenes felt as though it was just to add a new tag.

The characters were lacking, again can't expect much from hentai. The main character was the arrogant type, which is a good character but the execution felt to forced, he didn't really have much going for him as a main character.

Overall if you are looking for hentai this one isn't really satisfying and I believe is not worth the watch.