Sep 21, 2016
nightshade19 (All reviews)
I personally loved this anime. I immediately went and read all the comic strips after watching the first episode too. I see a number of people criticising the work for being homophobic or offensive or other such garbage which I really don't understand. I think these people have misunderstood the premise or context of the anime and expected something different from it.

This anime is (as the name suggests) about the daily life of a fudanshi high schooler - and as a fudanshi, my friends and I all found it hilariously relatable. They managed to capture it so well given that the episodes were only 3-4 minutes long. Also, just in terms of representation, this is the second anime I've ever seen with a fudanshi character (the other being Genshiken Nidaime, which I recommend if you want a more serious look at a fudanshi character), and it honestly felt really nice to have a character I could relate to that much.

I would recommend this anime to any fujoshi or fudanshi, as well as anyone who is even a little interested in yaoi. I do kind of feel however that if you don't already have some experience with the genre, some of the things they say or do may go over your head.