Sep 20, 2016
abrodkin (All reviews)
I felt compelled to write a short review of this anime after finishing solely because of how much it annoyed me until the very end, starting after the third or fourth episode.

Like many people have said in their reviews before, this show is obviously not catered towards those who identify as LGBTQ+; that being said, you would think that the show would have a main character who wasn't appalled at the thought of possibly being attractive to other men, considering he reads BL comics that obviously focus on those sorts of characters.

Now, I can't say this isn't typical behaviour of a high-school aged boy--though it isn't behaviour I can relate to, not being a male myself and never having the mindset that being anything other than straight would be disgusting. I've seen this mindset in teen boys before, true, but that doesn't excuse it. I just found it baffling that Gucchi would even think that way, though, again considering how he's into BL--works about MEN who are attracted to other MEN.

The way I described this show to friends was "No Homo - The Anime." It would've been refreshing if that was not the case--Gucchi throwing a fit every time another man found him mildly attractive or enticing got very annoying very quickly.

I found the only redeeming factor of this show to be the voice acting, which was overall decent. I obviously wasn't expecting anything top-notch from a show that was 3-4 minutes long, but the direction that the show started going in after the first couple of episodes left a really bad taste in my mouth. Ranked against other short shows, it was average--ok art, nothing wildly inventive or beautiful, with a shallow plot and characters with generic designs who possessed little to no depth. Again, I wasn't going into this expecting a masterpiece, but comparing this show to others of a similar nature, it was lacking. It didn't help that the poster creeped me out at first.

Don't go into this show thinking it's going to be the very best anime of all time. It's not. It really isn't. I found it to be below average in all respects bar the voice acting--which again, was only decent, but nothing special. The show's target audience was presumably teenage girls--but as a teenage girl (at the time of writing this) I wasn't impressed. But that's just my opinion. And I'm obviously not the voice of everyone who watched.