Sep 20, 2016
Stiff and inconsistent animation with 90's quality computer graphics; monotonous, boob-obsessed fanservice; vapid characters who yell and clinch their fists a lot to create the illusion of emotion where there is none.

Masou Gakuen HxH is an uninspired clone of better anime that was produced with an appropriately low budget. It takes the premise from Infinite Stratos about the one guy with an ability to help attractive female fighters, and mashes it with the master-slave relationships from Shinmai Maou no Testament using a big tit-shaped sledgehammer. HxH lacks the fun of the former, and the sex appeal of the latter.

On the positive side, Kizuna, the main male character, wasn't an obnoxious gynophobe or raging pervert typical of harem anime. He was usually composed and diligent, and had no qualms with engaging in lewd sexual acts. On the negative side, he didn't have any memorable personality traits to elicit empathy from the audience. In nearly every scene he only provided one of three things: exposition, generic words of encouragement, or listless pseudo-sex with a girl from his harem.

The female characters weren't any better, who, in their bulky "hybrid gear" attire, looked like balloon animals in shitty cosplay. They were nothing more than eye candy. No depth. No agency. Just walking body parts to be gazed upon, groped, and even humiliated.

HxH would have been more enjoyable with deeper character personalities, smarter designs, and better sex. It usually takes more than a breast and ass massage to get a girl off. They somewhat figured this out at the last episode, but by then it was too little too late.
Reviewer’s Rating: 2
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