Sep 20, 2016
FireEmblemIke24 (All reviews)
I’m having extreme difficulty trying to put this review into words. The show is so appalling that I’m questioning if it really deserves a proper review. If you’re reading this and was curious about the very low score, then this may be the show for you if you’re a masochist that is. Here we go again, this is another one of those ‘try and save the world’ shows which has been overused to the point of oblivion. I’ve never understood why producers stick their faith in these type of shows when they are for the most part predictable.

A group of male high-schoolers situated in a town called Ryugyu work for a secret organisation called LAG, which stands for Life after God. These audacious young men (referred to as Riders) have the ability to combine with supernatural creatures/beings called Substances that originate from the Red World. They undergo a fusion transformation with their respective Substance allocated to them via a process of inserting a plug into a headphone jack, that centres the palms of their left hands. After this, they somehow get cool looking bikes from the spaceship and fight enemy creatures called Nightfly O’Notes during surprise incursions with their combined abilities. The power rangers theme is strong in this one.

The main plotline isn’t convoluted or anything but isn’t enticing enough for me to keep watching when it rehashes the same formula over and over again. The world-building was erected in a mediocre fashion by outlining that the Blue World is separated from the Red World which is the breeding ground for the so called enemies. After further revelations, it is known why the mysterious attacks take place and for me feels like a copout when it contradicts the main theme at hand.

The characters are all bland and one-dimensional, with some of the more annoying characters such as Yosuke and Takuto being given their own segments to make us believe they underwent some characterisation, which is far from the case. The other members of the Riders are not worth mentioning as they are there to fill up the numbers. The Riders only participate as a group when it comes to the band as a means of strengthening team unity.

Asagi Akira is the main focus of the very first episode after being saved in the transported container. She immediately is promoted to the operations director at the LAG base after being caught up in the accident. This anime makes you think it’s trying to be subtle in its approach but no its imbecilic methods won’t have an effect on me. Hako Sakura is another character that is directly linked to Asagi and is pretty stupid when it comes to privacy. Her role is found out by one of the Riders after careful observation. She links in with the explanation of the war between LAG and the Nightfly O’Notes and that is her only purpose. There is also that stereotypical villain Okazaki trying to make her moves in the shadows without being noticed.

The art style is pretty generic and is a carbon copy of its source material which is its visual novel counterpart. Its these designs that make me question if the character designers put any more thought into this, as they all have similar body builds and proportions. For an otome game adaptation, all the guys would look attractive considering they have that bishounen design to cater to their respective audiences. I don’t find any major fault with but I feel like they could have experimented a bit more with their resources. The animation is also very average with certain episodes being messily drawn at times highlighting that the budget wasn’t good for the source material.

The sound is the only thing that didn’t fail because if you look at its glorious voice actor cast, you will be surprised to see a few noticeable names which for me wasn’t enough. It’s unfortunate that they have to stain their record with such a miserable show that only should be recommended for its voice actors. It gets even worse people. The production committee somehow managed to grab the services of Abo Takeshi for the background music. This is the man who gave us great soundtracks for visual novels such as Steins Gate and Ever17. After this revelation, my opinion of the sound isn’t so bad after taking into the factors into account.

To summarise this show is offensive for my intelligence and is a complete waste of time. I wish you good luck if you partake in watching this series.