Sep 20, 2016
ProfaneValkyrie (All reviews)
This is an AMV with the song Yume no Kakera made by Eri Nobuchika, animated by Studio 4°C.

The music was interesting, beautiful vocals of Eri Nobuchika but when it came to the visuals... Well they were unique, not for my taste but probably for others especially the design of the two main characters, they looked very evil O.o which confused me.

I am not sure about the plot, also that it seemed to be symbolic.
For me it seemed that this AMV is about two lesbian women who are driving off to get away from a society which tries again and again to destroy them, destroy their ways.
So it seemed to be a story about two empowered lesbian women fighting for their freedom and won´t be stopped for being oppressed for their sex and sexuality. (All the evil villains was men, so I think there also is a somewhat sex battle)

I am not a SWJ nor am I a feminist (i am egalitarian), I can appreciate artworks who tries to show people that you can break the norm of the society and that you should be embracing yourself, my main critique is that all the Villains are men. It seemed as a very patriarchy society who tried to hunt down the two main characters.
I am probably interpreting it way too much, haha XD

I can only underline that my mainproblem with this one is still the poor visuals, it annoys me!

But overall good song, visuals could have been better but it is still somewhat entertaining.